Q:  Can I install the iPulse software on Windows 98 or on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows?
A: No, only Microsoft Windows 2000 and later operating systems are supported.

Q: Why do I get error messages when installing the iPulse software?
A: You need administrator privileges to install the software, login as someone that has administrator rights before installing the iRugged software.

Q: Why do I sometimes get serial communications errors?
A: You need to specify the serial port that will be used by the iRugged software; you can do this by selecting the serial port in the OPTIONS menu.

Please note that if you are using a USB to serial converter that the computer will allocate a different serial port for each USB port. The easiest way to find out what serial port is allocated is to look in the Windows hardware device manager; the device manager can be found in System Properties:
Double click on the System icon in Control Panel or
Select My Computer from the Start Menu and then select View System Information
Click on the Hardware tab
Click on Device Manager
Click on + next to Ports (COM & LPT) to expand the ports section
Look for a description that contains the word USB, the serial port number is displayed in brackets as COM followed by a digit or digits , e.g. COM1 or COM15

Q: Can I use dynamic IP addresses for the fingerprint readers?
A: No, dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP) is not supported; you will have to assign a static IP address for each fingerprint reader.

Q: What IP address can I use?
A: Contact your network administrator or network support and ask them to give you IP addresses.

Q: What address can I use if my network does not have a gateway?
A: If your network does not have a gateway enter the reader IP address as the gateway address.

Q: All my IP setting are correct but I still can not access the fingerprint reader on the network, why?
A: A firewall might be blocking traffic to the fingerprint readers, if Windows Firewall pops up a message asking if the iPulse application must be blocked select the Allow button. If you have selected Keep On Blocking, do not know how to configure the firewall or use a different firewall you will have to contact your system/network administrator.

Q: Why is the fingerprint reader going into HOST MODE as soon as I put the power on?
A: Some software such as telephone, PDA and camera software might open the serial port and keep it open. If you suspect this, unplug the serial cable form the fingerprint reader and if the HOST MODE message disappears then the problem is due to  other software on the computer.

Q: Can the fingerprint reader activate/de-activate a magnetic or striker lock?
A: The fingerprint reader has a Signal Out port on the back. This port is capable of controlling an external relay and by extension any lock that is connected to the relay.

Q: Why does the relay port not switch?
A: Make sure that the relay is wired properly, the installation manual (installed on your computer and available on the iPulse CD) have all the details for wiring up a relay.

Q: The fingerprint reader identifies me but display somebody else's name?
A: This is known as a false acceptance and usually happens when the identification security level is too low. Select Reader Properties in the iPulse software, click on the Sensor Setting tab and up the Identify Security Level by one level.

Q: The fingerprint reader never or seldom identifies me?
A: Make sure that the finger that you are using is not damaged or excessively scarred, if this is the case enroll a finger that do not have these problems. Extremely dry or wet fingers will also have a poor acceptance rate, wipe your fingers before scanning if wet or use a moisturiser for dry fingers.
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